Welcome to Riscovery

In March 2009 on the High Street of Accra, a group of gentlemen met to discuss the possibility of entrepreneurial work in insurance brokerage. The discussion centred on the fact that insurance penetration is rather low in Ghana as a result of the lack of credibility in the insurance service value chain and how the team can offer... Read more.

Why Riscovery?

We pride ourselves as independent insurance brokers. As such, we are able to work with a select group of leading insurers to find insurance solutions to meet your unique needs. The truth is that we work for you, not an insurance company. We believe in giving you, our clients, an honest and straight-forward advice. Truly, we are your independent insurance brokers.

Some people think it doesn’t really matter where they buy their insurance. But this misconception could cost them money, service, and protection. Insurance is an important safety net for a family, a car, home, or a business...Read more

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